Big Spirit Youth Theatre are based at The Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin

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What is Big Spirit?

What is Big Spirit?

Well it is first and foremost a youth theatre. It was founded in 1983 at The Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin and we are still here some 33 years later. In fact the first member who joined Big Spirit when he was 17 is now 50 years of age – and a very successful professional actor!


This was long before all the stage schools that now proliferate in the area got going so you can see - we have a long history of helping people realise their potential to become extraordinary performers. Throughout all that time we have kept to the same principles which are as true today as they were when we started:

  • Everyone can learn how to act. Sometimes you hear people saying that so-and-so, usually a famous stage or film performer, was born with a ‘gift’ for acting. Well that’s true – they were. And the good news is: you have the same gift – in fact everyone has!

  •  Making learning fun is the key to rapid improvement. Of course you go to school or college and you know a lot about learning. Many people say that in their experience learning stuff can be pretty boring. Here’s the truth: no one learns properly when they’re bored! So the first thing we do at Big Spirit is to show you how learning new stuff has to be fun. In fact we insist on it and we have a saying: ‘if you can’t find the fun in it – don’t do it’. Good philosophy huh?

  • Working together with people you like and who like you is what acting is all about. Yeah it’s great to work one-on-one but acting is essentially a team sport. Learning to become a team player in a safe and comfortable environment is the Spirit of Big Spirit.

  • Why ‘Big Spirit’? Well it was a name given by the group to themselves many years ago. Before that it was the QMT Youth Theatre but that didn’t quite reflect what we did or the way we did it so the group had the name changed.

  • How many in the group? We take thirty actors into Big Spirit each year by audition. Auditioning is an essential part of being an actor and everyone has to re-audition each year to be part of the group.

  • Give us your enthusiasm and we’ll make you a good actor! We don’t expect people who join to be fantastic actors at first. What we look for are those people who will give us their spare time and bring with them a good attitude.

  • What is a good attitude? Oh it’s really just being in love with acting. We can soon see if someone is in love with acting – they just want to act. If you don’t want to act – hey why are you reading this website? If you do though – then carry on reading...

Many of our alumni go on to become professional performers and we provide a recognised pathway for those wanting to go onto drama school. But Big Spirit is also for those who want to learn how to act just for fun. That is very much at the heart of what Big Spirit is all about – having fun while working like crazy! It’s a wonderful combination and a philosophy that gets the very best out of the talent that each one of us possesses.

Want to know more?

Explore the site to find out all about Big Spirit plus some exercises that you can do right now to improve your acting, some free scripts that you can use and, of course, how to become a member of this exciting youth theatre.